Statement Released from Family of Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Killed in Traffic Accident this Week

Statement From Dep. Valdez’s Family

Family mourns the death of Jesse “Trey” Valdez, III. The family is in shock and is overwhelmed by the outpouring of condolences, nationally and locally. The family of Jesse “Trey” Valdez III would like to thank the Harris County Sheriff’s Office for their sincere and heartfelt support during this tremendously difficult time in taking care of one of their own. The value of Trey’s service to law enforcement has been revealed over the past two days from the outpouring of national, state, and local sympathies extended to the family. The tributes and vigils have been meaningful and appreciated. At such a time, the love and support of family and friends is absolutely invaluable. However, at this time the family is requesting that the public and the media honor the sensitivity of their loss and the need for privacy to grieve during this time of sorrow. Their plea is to please refrain from contacting the family and friends for comment, interviews, or acceptance of condolences. Losing Trey is a very painful experience and we need time to heal. Thank you and sincerely, The Valdez Family **Media setup for Dep. Valdez’s funeral will be emailed to news media on Monday. We’d also like to not that in June 2013, Dep. Valdez and two of his colleagues received a lifesaving award from Sheriff Adrian Garcia for a March 9, 2013 incident. That day, Dep. Valdez, Sgt. Garza, and Deputy Rodriguez responded to a domestic disturbance call. When they arrived, they found the suspect had locked himself in his home. Several commands were made for the suspect to come out but he refused. A few moments later, two separate fires were observed through the window of the home but no sign of the suspect. When the deputies received no response from the suspect and they saw the home quickly filling up with smoke, they forced their way in. The deputies broke a window and proceeded to search for the suspect in the smoke filled home. Deputy Rodriguez located the suspect lying in the bedroom unconscious and carried the suspect out of the home. Sgt. Garza and Deputy Valdez used fire extinguishers from their patrol vehicles to extinguish the fires inside the home. Once outside Deputy Valdez conducted a sternum rub at which time the suspect became responsive. Rest in peace, Dep. Valdez.

For full details, view this message on the web.

Gov. Perry Grants Pardons to Four Individuals

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today granted full pardons to four individuals after the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles recommended such action.


Full pardons were granted to:

Markell Dontrae Abonce, 22, was convicted of trespass in 2009 and sentenced to two days in jail. At the time of his pardon application, he lived in Houston.

Stewart Guitierrez Hunter, 39, was convicted of assault in 2003 and paid a $500 fine. At the time of his pardon application, he lived in Frisco.

Chriscione Leon Johnson, 42, was convicted of delivery of a controlled substance in 1989. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison, which was later probated for 10 years, and paid a $500 fine. At the time of her pardon application, she lived in Houston.


Reine’ Dale Novak, 52, was convicted of criminal mischief in 1998. She was sentenced to 60 days in jail, probated for 24 months and paid $500 restitution. At the time of her pardon application, she lived in Fort Worth.



Houston Man Handed Massive Sentence on Firearm Convictions

HOUSTON – Ronald Ray Norman, 32, of Houston, has been ordered to federal prison for nearly 25 years following his convictions of being a felon in possession a firearm and ammunition, announced United States Attorney Kenneth Magidson. A federal jury convicted Norman following a three-day trial and approximately two hours of deliberation on Aug. 7, 2014.

Today, U.S. District Judge David Hittner, who presided over the trial, handed Norman a 252-month sentence for the felon in possession convictions to followed by a consecutive 46 months for violation of his supervised release in prior federal drug case. The 299-month total sentence will be immediately followed by five years of supervised release. At the hearing, the judge noted Norman’s extensive criminal background which includes state and federal convictions.

During trial, the jury heard that a warrant had been out for Norman’s arrest when law enforcement received information about him and the vehicle he was driving. Testimony further revealed Norman had been regularly using rental vehicles in order to shield himself from law enforcement. Officers located Norman and the vehicle he was driving on Interstate 45 South on Feb. 12, 2014.

Officers attempted a traffic stop, but Norman jumped out and fled on foot, while the passenger drove away in the vehicle. Norman was chased on foot across all lanes of the highway, over retaining walls and along both feeder roads. He briefly stumbled and officers approached. Testimony revealed Norman then reached into his pocket, removed a silver and black .38 caliber revolver and threw it on the ground.

He was soon apprehended and found in possession of five rounds of .38 caliber ammunition.

Norman, a convicted felon, is prohibited from possession firearms or ammunition.

His defense contended that there were no other witnesses who saw him throw the weapon to the ground. His wife also testified and claimed she had never seen him with a gun or ammunition. The jury was not convinced and found him guilty on both counts as charged.

Norman will remain in custody pending transfer to a U.S. Bureau of Prisons facility to be determined in the near future.

The case was investigated by the Houston Police Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Jennie Basile and Joe Porto are prosecuting.


KSTAR Profiles of November 4th Candidates in Contested Races

The polls are open until seven this evening for early voting. Today is the last day you can vote early. The election is next Tuesday, November 4th.

KSTAR has profiles of the candidates in the contested races for Montgomery, Walker and Grimes Counties, as well as the Tomball ISD Board of Trustees. KSTAR has reached out to the candidates in the contested races, and some did not respond back to our requests.


United States Representative, District 8:

Kevin Brady [REP]

Kevin holds key leadership posts in Congress including Deputy Whip and Chairman of the Joint Economic Committee.  He is a senior member of the House Ways & Means Committee – – considered by many to be the most powerful committee in Congress with jurisdiction over taxes, health care, Social Security, Medicare, international trade and welfare. A champion of free enterprise and American-made energy, Kevin’s focus is creating jobs, reducing Washington spending and sunsetting obsolete federal agencies. Kevin is the chairman of the influential Health Subcommittee for the House Ways and Means Committee. As chairman, he will focus on ensuring a strong, free market in the nation’s health care industry and look for ways to increase the quality of health care, while keeping costs low. On the Social Security Subcommittee, Kevin is fighting to preserve this important program for future generations once and for all. And as chairman of the Joint Economic Committee, he has been a GOP leader on economic issues – opposing the President’s stimulus and fighting White House efforts to raise taxes on families, small businesses and American energy producers.    

Until 2013, Kevin was the leader of the Trade Subcommittee and led the successful effort to pass new sales agreements with Panama, South Korea and Colombia – and he served as the White House point man on the successful passage of the Central American Free Trade Agreement.

Prior to his election to Congress, Kevin worked as a chamber of commerce executive for 18 years and served six years in the Texas House of Representatives where

he was named one of the Ten Best Legislators for Families & Children


In 1994 he was named one of Five Outstanding Young Texans. In order to stay close to the people he represents, Kevin never moved to Washington. He lives in Montgomery County with his wife Cathy and his two sons Will (15) and Sean (12) – and has logged nearly two million miles on Continental Airlines commuting to Congress each week. Kevin is an original Hometown Hero of The Woodlands, a Paul Harris Fellow in Rotary and a Distinguished Alumni of the University of South Dakota. He and his family attend Saints Simons and Jude Catholic Church.


Ken Petty [LIB]

Ken Petty is a local businessman in metro North Houston. He is an insurance agent with the Petty Group helping businesses with employee benefit packages as well as working with individuals protecting their loved ones through a selection of voluntary and life policies.

Ken is also the publisher of the local arts and entertainment newsweekly, Public News.

Ken and his family live in the Spring area.

Ken grew up in St. Louis and went to college at Southeast Missouri State where he pursued a management degree before moving to Southern Illinois University to pursue broadcast marketing management.

Ken has enjoyed a brief career in broadcasting through the 80s and early 90s before turning his attention toward newspaper publishing.

Ken and his family are members of Faith Bible Church in the Woodlands.


The Economy

I agree with the Libertarian Party Platform whereas it reads, “A free and competitive market allocates resources in the most efficient manner. Each person has the right to offer goods and services to others on the free market. The only proper role of government in the economic realm is to protect property rights, adjudicate disputes, and provide a legal framework in which voluntary trade is protected. All efforts by government to redistribute wealth, or to control or manage trade, are improper in a free society.” 


In the past there have been two ends to the immigration issue, open borders or closed borders. I support controlled borders. I support the removal of governmental impediments to free trade. Political freedom and escape from tyranny demand that individuals not be unreasonably constrained by government in the crossing of political boundaries. Economic freedom demands the unrestricted movement of human as well as financial capital across national borders. However, as I stated, I support control over the entry into our country of foreign nationals who pose a credible threat to security, health or property.


State Representative, District 16:

Will Metcalf [Republican]

Will Metcalf, a 6th generation resident of Montgomery County and an accomplished business leader, is seeking election to Texas House District 16. Metcalf has devoted his life to the people of this community. His experience in the financial sector gives Metcalf the skills to be a knowledgeable and conservative voice on behalf of the people of Montgomery County from day one. As your state representative, Metcalf will work hard to fight for our values, keeping Texas a shining example for business and job creation. Will is ready to bring a new generation of conservative leadership to the state legislature. Metcalf is an active member of the Montgomery County community. 

Currently, he serves on several organizations Metcalf has worked his way through the local banking

industry, helping Montgomery County families and small businesses achieve their financial goals. Currently, Metcalf serves as Assistant Vice President of Spirit of Texas Bank, where he assists in leading the banks commercial lending division. Will is active in the development of our area as well, through involvement in the real estate market where he manages investments in Montgomery County and the surrounding areas, including the board of the Conroe Industrial Development Corporation, the Greater Conroe Economic Development Council, the Conroe Family YMCA, and the Montgomery County Fair

Association. Will is also a lifetime member of the NRA, the 100 Club, and a member of the Conroe Noon Lions Club, and the Friends of Conroe.


Dr. Michael Hayles [Democrat]

Why am I running for this office?” and Why should people vote for me?”



I am running for Texas State Representative District 16 so I can be of more service to ALL THE PEOPLE of District 16 and The STATE OF TEXAS and to be THE VOICE of the PEOPLE.

That was the short and simple, however, there are several expanded reasons why I’m running for office”?

  • I know firsthand many of the issues and problems we face in District 16 and at the state level. The experience I’ve gained during my 20+ years working in the Oil and Gas Industry and my 25+ years working in the Non-profit Industry has prepared me for the work of a legislator. My business experience and training has taught me how to work with ALL people from ALL ranks of life as we seriously seek to improve our communities and make life better for ALL our citizens.


  • To help make our com community and state a better place to work and to live for ALL the people of District 16 and the State of Texas.


  1. To offer my experiences, unique gifts, skills and talents to help work on solutions to the problems we all face (education, energy, transportation, etc.) that I believe can be solved. I have a passion for examining complex systems and looking for ways to provide simple solutions
  • It is my belief that we can solve many of the problems we face through using available business, community and government resources collaboratively to maximize efficiency and minimize waste and inefficiency.
  • THE REASON WHY PEOPLE SHOULD VOTE FOR ME HAS A SHORT AND SIMPLE ANSWER TOO:That was the short and simple, however, there are several expanded reasons why people should vote for me because


  1. I believe people should vote for me because everybody should have someone who will be their voice in the legislature and I WILL be that voice for the people of District 16 and the State of Texas.
  • Because I will serve as a Voice for the People. I will be the Voice of ALL the people in District 16 as I represent all our citizens in the Texas House of Representatives.                                                                                                   
  • I will be the Voice of the People of Texas as I represent every citizen of Texas. Working to solve the problems we all face in our communities will be my focus and finding ways to help make life better for all businesses, all community organizations and groups, and all levels of government will be my daily effort and goal.




Lone Star College Board of Trustees place 9:

Dom Bongiorni

My name is Dom Bongiorni and I have devoted my life to public service. I retired from the U.S. Army as a lieutenant colonel after 20 years on active duty including 18 months in Vietnam. After retiring in 1988 I moved to Spring, Texas and started teaching Speech as an adjunct instructor for Houston Community College and, later, for Lone Star College, North Harris. In 1996, I was appointed as a full time professor at LSC-Kingwood and retired from LSC in 2012. I have decided it is time for me to give back to my community. Having worked in the system for 20 years, I understand how Lone Star College works and I want to help make it even better than it is today.   To do this, as your representative on the Board of Trustees, I will work for you to insure:

  •        fiscal responsibility by opposing more debt •        keeping taxes and student fees down •        better utilization of existing facilities •        working hand in hand with local         businesses to develop the training they need •        insuring a fair and safe working and learning environment for students and employees


Lamar Casparis

  1. I’m a graduate of Baylor University with a BBA in Economics so I understand the economy better than most and business’ economic models better than most.  I was a member of the Honor Society in Economics at Baylor.
  2. I’ve voted on taxes and been held accountable to tax payers previously.  I’ve worked with tax payer and constituents before. 
  3. My business is successful.  I’m a shareholder with Fitts Roberts & Co., PC, one of Houston’s 101 Best Places to Work and the 16th Largest Public Accounting Firm in Houston.  I lead and work in the Forensic, Litigation and Valuation Services part of the firm’s practice with two others.

Community Colleges and the students and communities they serve have been passions of my household since my wife decided to change careers from being a successful Certified Legal Assistant to first a part time instructor in the local community college.  She then was asked to chair that program, became Director of Institutional Research and then Dean.  Through all of that I helped on a volunteer basis.  

  1. Since moving to Houston, I’ve joined the Tomball Chamber of Commerce serving on two committees; Government & Legislative Affairs and Mobility and Transportation.  That service introduced me to many of the key decision makers and leaders at the city, county, state and federal levels where I’ve successfully lobbied for important community issues.  My service led to being the Vice-Chairman of Economic Development for the Chamber, the Chair Elect and then Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce.  I’m currently the Immediate Past ChairChairman.  My Chamber relationships build across North Harris, Montgomery, Waller and Grimes counties has blessed me with an abundance of folks to work with.
  2. I’m one of the founding member of the SH 249 Partnership.  Me and John Fishero are credited with the genesis of restarting the construction and ultimate of SH 249.  That took a lot of work with a lot of people across many boundaries, but we were able to build a successful coalition using no funding to complete that project.
  3. I’ve served and continue to serve on the Lone Star College Facility Review Committee, am Chair-Elect of the Surgical Technologies Advisory Board, and serve on the Chancellor’s Global Business Advisory Council which is credited with a lot of the success you see at University Park.
  4. I’m passionate about the work this community college is doing for taxpayers, students, and local businesses. 
  5. LSC leads the state and nation in many areas and I want that tradition to continue.
  6. My opponent say he wants to give back to the community.  But you can see I’ve been doing that for decades and have risen to leadership positions in almost all the organizations where I’ve served.  I’m the real deal when it comes to community involvement and service. 
  7. My opponent opposes the bond, while I support the current bond because I believe the space is needed for the future and believe LSC has been, and will continue to be, a good steward to tax dollars while leading the nation in excellence and student completion.  I see the bond as an effective use of a component of the tax rate to keep downward pressure on taxes and still meet the current and future needs of the communities. I want to make LSC better while retaining the AAA Bond rating.

My opponent wants to add more internet classes, while I know that these classes don’t always make sense and can hurt student success. It sounds good to some and may work in some areas, but he has little experience in that arena.  I’ve studied it and taught online classes before and am intimately aware of the problems for even highly motivated graduate students.


Ken Lloyd

Ken received a BS Degree in Chemical Engineering from Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas. Ken’s US Industry Employers that provided employment in additional to education and experience respectively were: Dow Chemical – Petrochemical Processing, Power Generation, and Process Computer Control ; Union Oil of California – Petroleum Refining, Energy Conservation, and Lube Oils; Occidental Petroleum Services Inc. – Oil and Gas E&P and Global Business Audits; Texas Energy Petroleum – New Business Development, Fuels, and Mining; Nalco Chemical – Raw and Waste Water Treatment, Contract Negotiations, and Technical Sales; GE Power, Water & Process Technologies – Total Value Added Solutions via GE value traits of Imagine, Solve, Build and Lead, and Advanced Technology for Processing Western Canada Heavy Oil Sands.









Montgomery County Hospital District, Position 2 At-Large

 Kenn Fawn Candidate for Re-election:

Education and Work Experience: Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering from the University of California. Worked for a major oil company for 40 years in research, operations, and designing chemical plants and as project

Kenn was appointed to the Board in 2006 and was re- elected in contested elections in 2006 and 2010.

Chairman of the board for the last two years. Previously, served as chairman and/or member of the EMS, Planning, and Finance committees Fiscal Policy: Dedicated to efficient use of tax payer funds. Tax rates have been reduced every year since being on the Board. The EMS department named         Texas EMS provider of the year for 2013 and routinely ranks in as one of the top services in the Nation.


Indigent health care costs have been brought down in the face of rising costs Nationwide. This is due to the dedication of the staff in providing quality care while managing to appropriate care levels. MCHD leverages its costs through partnering with hospitals in obtaining Federal funds for indigent care.

Why vote for Kenn Fawn: Proven ability to lower tax rate every year while in office. Has over 8 years’ experience on the board and would be ready for any new challenges to district operation. Will work with other Board and Staff to continue managing costs and look at cost effective ways to improve efficiency. Future challenges will be continuing quality EMS service as the population increases. The full effect of the ACA on our indigent healthcare role has yet to be determined. Again my experience here on the board and in civilian and military background lend to meeting these challenges in a cost effective manner.


John Nicks:

I’m a proud native Texan, I have lived here in the Houston region since 2001, and Montgomery County since 2005.


I am currently receive the MCHD’s Indigent Care HCAP program benefits and know first hands experience the changes for the good and bad, and would bring my experience along with your voice in any decisions or votes affected and communicate it to my fellow constitutes

 As you can see from above, I am not the average politician and never will be. I love my county in all forms including the folks that see this article.

 Also, MCHD does more than provide HCAP Benefits for the Indigent of Montgomery County, but runs the EMS Ambulance Calls, medical part of 911, public health services and MRC – Medical Reserve Corps, just to name a few.

 MCHD is mainly funded by the property tax, its budget for the current fiscal year is $49.4 million, and If elected I would listen to and act appropriately on your needs, do my part to not waste our resources and use the resources in a frugal and needed manner, and keep Montgomery County at the best county in the nation.


Montgomery County Hospital District Director, Position 3:

John Hennigan

From 2006 to October 1, 2011 I served our County as an at large position 2 Director for MCHD. During my tenure I served as Vice Chair 3 years, legislative committee chair for 2 years, Vice chair Public Health District Board at its inception and always supported annual tax cuts. October, 2011 I became the Interim CEO, and for the following six months. I reorganized the administration, and eliminated redundant meetings, saving in excess of $400,000.00/year. I reengaged MCHD with our working partners and successfully earned their trust along with the trust and support of the MCHD staff. I introduced the groundwork for a five-year growth plan and eliminated wasteful spending by centralizing purchasing.

I’m currently on the Grogans Mill Board of Directors and the US Green Builders Council of Houston. I’m involved with several non-profits in The Woodlands; Healthy Living Alliance, St. Baldricks, American Cancer Society and several committees at my church St’s Simon and Jude.


I have identified my four priorities;

  • Mobility (Response times)
  • Measured expansion/coverage in high-density area’s
  • Legislative action to assure that ALL EMS organizations are held to the same high standards we (MCHD) strive to achieve.
  • Cost effectiveness while expanding coverage I believe I am the best candidate for Montgomery County Hospital District Board Position 3. #1 – I have a strong financial background, especially in the medical field because of my 35 years in banking, primarily working with physicians, small to medium medical practices and hospitals.#2 – I understand the medical needs in Montgomery County due to my work on: – The Montgomery County United Way Clinic Capacity committee in 2013 which I chaired.

    3 – I have strong management and leadership skills. – Served on the Board of Directors of The Woodlands Economic Development Partnership including, Chairman of the Board for one of those years, from 2010 – 2014.

           – #4 Graduate OD Leadership MONTGOMERY County in 2007.       -#5 In addition to the boards I mentioned above I have also served on the following boards in         South Montgomery County YMCA Board        Rotary Club of the Woodlands Board of Directors 

  •  Education for Tomorrow Board of Directors        
  •         Heart of Montgomery County Board of Directors
  •             Past several years:
  • – Manager of the Texas Medical Center Private Banking Team and Statewide lending team at JP Morgan Chase from 1999 – 2004.
  • Manager of the Private Banking team in Montgomery County and North Harris County for Amegy Bank of Texas, 2005 to the present.
  • – The Board of Lone Star Family Health Center. I served as chairman of the finance committee since 2008. I was also the Building Chairman during construction of the new 70,000 SF building.

Chris Grice

I believe I am the best candidate for Montgomery County Hospital District Board Position 3

#1 – I have a strong financial background, especially in the medical field because of my 35 years in banking, primarily working with physicians, small to medium medical practices and hospitals.

#2 – I understand the medical needs in Montgomery County due to my work on: – The Montgomery County United Way Clinic Capacity committee in 2013 which I chaired.

– The Board of Lone Star Family Health Center. I served as chairman of the finance committee since 2008. I was also the Building Chairman during construction of the new 70,000 SF building.

3 – I have strong management and leadership skills. – Served on the Board of Directors of The Woodlands Economic Development Partnership including, Chairman of the Board for one of those years, from 2010 – 2014.

Manager of the Private Banking team in Montgomery County and North Harris County for Amegy Bank of Texas, 2005 to the present.

– Manager of the Texas Medical Center Private Banking Team and Statewide lending team at JP Morgan Chase from 1999 – 2004.

      – #4 Graduate OD Leadership MONTGOMERY County in 2007.       -#5 In addition to the boards I mentioned above I have also served on the following boards in 

            Past several years:

        South Montgomery County YMCA Board

        Heart of Montgomery County Board of Directors

        Rotary Club of the Woodlands Board of Directors 

 Education for Tomorrow Board of Directors        


Conroe ISD Board of Trustee Election for Position 1:

Kim LeJeune

“I have served as PTO President, Vice President of Fundraising, Vice President of Programs, and Chair of Hospitality. I have worked alongside parents, students, and administrators for the past 9 years in the Oak Ridge Feeder Zone”, said Kim LeJeune.

LeJeune wants to see barriers between parents, educators, and administrators eliminated to allow youth to grow emotionally, educationally and socially beyond expectations. She has spent the last 20 years in service to her family, schools, and community. She believes that for youth to grow up to be caring, responsible, and healthy, they need caring communities, caring school environment, parent involvement in schooling, and positive adult mentoring relationships.  A community where youth feel valued speaks volumes.

Currently, Kim serves as Vice President of Programs at Oak Ridge High School and is involved in raising funds for the Anti-bullying program Safe School Ambassadors. A part-time staff of Spectrum Catering she assists at Woodforest Stadium helping school groups and community groups raise money for their organizations.

LeJeune is endorsed by Constable Ryan Gable, Precinct 3, Dr. Mel Brown, Immediate Past President CISD Board of Trustees, Gerald and Myrna Irons, former CISD Board of Trustees and former VP the Woodlands Development Company, and David Matos, former president of the Montgomery County Hispanic Chamber.

Kim and her husband Randy own a small Software Development Company, XString Commands, Inc and reside in the Oak Ridge School area with their 2 children-Chad, 19, and Naomi, 15.


Melanie Bush

I am a 5th generation Texan, born in Dallas.  My husband, Alan, and I have lived in Montgomery County since 2006 with our two daughters who are now 9 and 6. My husband and I have served in several leadership roles with our church’s ministries for kids and youth over the past several years. My proudest moments as a mom have come when my girls each stepped up as volunteers too. In my spare time, I like to compete in sprint triathlons.

We are a two entrepreneur family. In just four years, I have built Better Bookkeepers from a solo practice to a thriving business of 11.  Managing the growth of my own bookkeeping practice – along with watching my husband’s law firm expand – has taught me how rapid growth must be carefully cultivated and pruned.

I recently graduated from Leadership Montgomery County. Working with government, business and charitable leaders across our county on our class project for special needs children has introduced me to many working relationships that will bear fruit for years to come. I hope to use that heart for service on the CISD school board.

Conroe ISD Board of Trustee –position 3

Carol Hamilton

I believe I can make a difference in the education for all students.  I want to serve and support the district’s goals and vision.  My 35 years of experience in education and community involvement provides me with the tools needed to help the district on-going success.   But most of all, I truly enjoy working for children, teachers and staff, and the community at large.


Skeeter Hubert

Skeeter Hubert is running for Conroe ISD School Board Position 3 to be an advocate for children and educators alike. Being married to an educator, Skeeter has seen first hand the challenges teachers, counselors, and administrators face on a daily basis. As a parent, he has collaborated with campus teams to be an advocate for the needs of his children. As a community member, for the past 8 years he has taught the  EfTA Future Focus curriculum to hundreds of junior high students in CISD.

Skeeter has what it takes to work with a team towards a common goal. As a school board trustee, he will bring with him a positive attitude, the experience of running a business, and the know how to manage a large budget, including millions of dollars of assets

Driven by integrity, a love of life and compassion to serve, Skeeter Hubert is an outstanding choice to serve the Conroe ISD School Board Position 3.


Willis ISD Position 1:

Christen Arnold

Board of Trustees member for 8 years

Employment: Director Montgomery County Drug & DWI Court

Education: Graduated 1988 Willis High School

Class of 91 Texas A&M University – Bachelor of Business Administration

The current Board of Trustees along with the Superintendent are committed, determined, passionate and forward thinking Team of 8.  The district has the right leadership along with staff that are striving for WISD to continue moving toward our goal of being considered one of the top districts in Montgomery County. 


 Willis ISD Position 3:

Robin Sproba

Owner/Realtor – Synergy Real Estate Professionals

Education – BBA in Finance from Texas A&M University in 1990

Reason for wanting to join the Willis ISD school board, and what makes you the best candidate.

My mission statement for school board service is to positively influence the lives of WISD students, staff, and community members through the consistent pursuit of excellence.

 I believe I am the best candidate because of my experience on the Board and because of my financial and real estate background. I operate a successful and profitable small business. I have sold real estate in Montgomery County for 15 years, and I understand the interdependent relationship between high quality education and property values.  During the last election, I was endorsed as the “BEST CANDIDATE” for WISD Position 3 by the Conservative Coalition of Montgomery County.  

  • Experience you can bring to the Willis ISD school board
  • I am completing my first successful 4 year term on the Board of Trustees.  During that time, I have participated in the hiring of two high-caliber Superintendents, approved pay increases for all WISD staff while maintaining balanced budgets, and kept the tax rate low while maintaining excellent standards of instruction. 


  • Community Services in the area
  • Willis ISD Board of Trustees – Member – 2010 to present
  • Willis ISD School Health Advisory Council – Member – 2009 to present 


          • Willis ISD Meador Elementary PTO
          • Treasurer – 2009 to 2012
          • Secretary – 2008-2009
  • Willis ISD Brabham Middle School PTO – Member – 2009 to present
  • Willis Girls Softball Association – Coach – 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010
  • Willis Basketball Association – Coach – 2012 to 2013

  • Marital Status – I have been happily married to my Aggie college sweetheart, Mike, for 22 years.  Mike is also a Realtor and my business partner and best friend.

  • Kids – Mike and I have 2 beautiful daughters. Mackenzie, age 16, is a Junior at Willis High School, and Macy, age 13, is an 8th grader at Brabham Middle School.  Both girls are Honor Students, athletes, and actively involved in Student Council and Honor Society.  Mackenzie is #2 in her high school class and a 3 year Varsity Volleyball Letterman.  Macy has not missed a single day of school with almost 9 years perfect attendance since day 1 of Kindergarten at Turner Elementary.


  1. History in Willis – We have lived in the same home on 8 acres on Thompson Rd in Willis for almost 17 years.  Both our girls were born here and never want us to move!  We love our proximity to schools, shopping, and the interstate.


Steven King

Steven King, B.S., M.Ed.

This candidate was reared in Willis, TX until graduation. Afterwards, he left Willis to join the United States Army in 1988

  1. Reason for wanting to join the Willis ISD school board, and what makes you the best candidate

It is the belief of this candidate that there is an overwhelming need for change within the current administration of the Willis ISD Board of Trustees. This candidate further believes that there is much work to be done in the area of equality within the Willis ISD School District as a whole. Moreover, the quality and equality of education of all students is contingent upon the attributes of educators and their belief in all of our students regardless of the socioeconomic status, race, religion, or disability. This candidate believes when given the opportunity to excel, coupled with a passionate caring learning environment, every student can and will learn. All students seek knowledge, the question is, are those in positions of leadership willing to meet the students where they are in an effort to take advantage of the opportunity to bring them where they desire them to be?

The Willis ISD School Board should be comprised of individuals who possess integrity, courage, influence, loyalty, vision, a strong sense of ethics, and the willingness to listen to the students, parents and community. This candidate possess all of the aforementioned characteristics of a great leader. The Willis ISD School District deserves and needs great leaders who possess such characteristics as well as an individual who is not afraid to go against the odds for the best interest of the students and the district collectively. This candidate is that person.

It is also the belief of this candidate that the Willis ISD School Board should not be used for social gain, financial gain, or political status. Rather, the Willis ISD School Board should be comprised of individuals who are compassionate about students of all races and backgrounds and who are constantly seeking out ways to better serve them. In doing so, increasing their overall chances of success. The Willis ISD School Board should be comprised of individuals who are willing to give of themselves untiringly for the sake of the students. Because of such, this candidate believes he would be the perfect match for the Willis ISD School Board.

Experience you can bring to the Willis ISD school board

This candidate has worked in the Dallas ISD for 5+ years and is currently in his 2nd year with the Conroe ISD. This candidate has 16 years of experience in customer service/public relations.

 Community Services in the area

This candidate is an International Trainer with Church of God in Christ, Inc. who trains ushers on the local, district, state, and international levels. This candidate is the Church Administrator of Kingdom Harvest Church.

 Family (Marital status, kids, history in Willis, etc.)

  This candidate is a graduate of Willis High School “Class of 1988”. Although this candidate doesn’t have any biological children in the Willis ISD, he has a host of other relatives and friends who do.

Willis ISD Position 4:

Elizabeth McKenna

I’ve been on the School Bd. Position 4 for 4 years  . I’ve been in Willis for 25 years. I have enjoyed being on the Willis School Bd. I’ve been a volunteer in Willis school district for 25 years with 4 of my children. I believe in the students. I believe in the whole staff. The District couldn’t survive without the bus drivers, the custodians, the cafeteria workers on to teachers etc. I don’t have a degree but I’ve lived in these schools volunteering and doing things with my 4 children. The people that know me know that I’m going to act on how I feel. I will represent the students and staff workers. I’m not on the school board to make me feel important. I’m on it to watch out for the best interest of the students and the entire staff .  When you have volunteered as much as I have you see so much. You hear so much. You know how the schools work. I have been told that the last 4 years I ask the parent questions. I ask questions for the staff. They are what’s important to me. I believe because of my volunteering all those years it made me more important for the School bd. I am married to Phillip McKenna Sr. We dated in high school and after. We have been married 30 years. We have 4 children. They all started in Willis ISD in Kindergarten and all graduated Willis ISD. We moved to Willis 25 years ago so that our children would attend Willis schools. We are very proud of Willis! 


Jan Nell

Employment: I am currently employed by the Conroe ISD as an assistant principal.


2010 Ed.D. Texas A&M University, College Station 1998 M.Ed. Sam Houston State University, Huntsville 1989 B.S.E. The University of Texas, Austin

Length of time as a resident of the   Willis area: 20 years

Why do you want to become a member of the WISD Board of Trustees?

I am running for the WISD School Board because our children are our most precious resource. Additionally, I am concerned about the growth that is taking place in our area and the future growth that is coming. It is important that we prioritize highly qualified faculty in all classrooms and that school leaders are conscientious stewards of the tax monies from the residents in the community. My experience in the school system is a strength and will add value to the WISD School Board and the community.

What qualities do you believe that you possess that would benefit the WISD Board of Trustees?

I am a mom, educator and taxpayer in WISD. As parents, we are concerned for our childrens’ safety, well-being, and academic rigor that will prepare them for the next phase of their lives after high school graduation. Additionally, I have worked in the public school system as a teacher and campus administrator for 26 years. Therefore, I relate to the difficulties teachers, counselors and administrators face on a daily basis. Besides being a parent and educator, I am a fiscal conservative and I believe in efficient use of taxpayer funds. We are on the brink of explosive growth in the Willis ISD and the next few years are critical in planning for that growth to maximize our resources.

What issues are you most passionate about within WISD?

I am most passionate about our students at WISD and their continued success at all levels of school. In order to maximize our most precious resource, we most focus on attracting the best and brightest professionals.


Willis ISD –position 5:

Cliff Williams

Education: Willis High School 1999, Texas A&M University- BS in Agriculture Leadership 2003 Employment: Enterprise Account Manager, Anixter Inc. Length of time as a resident of Willis area: 34 years

Community Involvement: Current WISD Board Member- Since 2008 First Baptist Church Member- Conroe, TX Deacon First Baptist Church- Conroe, TX Willis Noon Lions Club- Member Montgomery County Fair Association Lifetime Member Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Lifetime Member ATPE member Past President Montgomery County A&M Club and Scholarship Board Texas A&M University Class Agent 2003-2018 Why do you want to continue your tenure as a member of the WISD Board of Trustees? I feel we have unfinished business we need to accomplish as a district, and with the team we have in place right now. We have the insight and have given the direction to administration so these goals are accomplished.  As a district we must be prepared for the growth coming and taking steps forward not backwards. Our administration team from central administration to the campus level is now better than ever and we will reach our achievement goals. What qualities do you believe that you possess that benefit the WISD Board of Trustees? My perspective as a businessman, as well as having a younger family allows me to provide insight to what our area is about to encounter, with new families moving in due to the huge business growth in the area. By being a life long resident of Willis, I have seen our district grow and can speak to the value of a good education which was provided to me and one I want passed on to students of WISD. What issues are you most passionate about within WISD? We must always strive for higher achievement status not only on a state level, but within our own district goals. Our achievement status is a huge driver for people looking at our school district and we want them to be reassured of the importance of a student’s education. The district is growing and we must be prepared by educating the public and by being transparent in what we are trying to accomplish in our facilities and long range planning. Finally, the retention and acquiring of the best educators for our students with competitive salaries.

Dr. James Bishop.

Employment: My career in the field of education spans the last seventeen years. I have served as a Texas public educator in the capacity of teaching, coaching, and administration. . I have worked in Aldine ISD, Houston ISD, Conroe ISD, Willis ISD, and am currently employed with the Cypress Fairbanks ISD as Elementary Administrator.

Why do you want to become a member of the WISD Board of Trustees?

Running for Willis ISD School Board presents many opportunities to contribute and improve our community. Joining the Willis ISD School Board will allow me to share my time, skills, and talents. As a member of a school board, I will have an opportunity to share my business and life experiences to benefit our community. Once elected, I will serve as a representative to various groups in the community and ensure their voice is acknowledged in making educational and administrative decisions. As a member, I will be a conduit for the concerns and interests of teachers, parents, and students. I will help create stronger ties between the school board and community stakeholders. I will take a personal interest in preserving and improving the quality of the academic integrity of our school system. Lastly, I believe in providing a quality public education for ALL current and future students.

What qualities do you believe that you possess that would benefit the WISD Board of Trustees? I feel that I am the better candidate for position 5 because of my life experience dealing with diverse groups of people and work experience in the field of education. My experiences have been rooted in research-based best practices that have proven to be most effective in providing a positive and productive educational environment for all. (All Means All)

What issues are you most passionate about within WISD?

  1. The current state district climate and workplace culture.
  2. Budget and Facility upkeep and future projects
  3. Hiring Practices
  4. Create discussion that leads to a locally developed guaranteed and viable curriculum that addresses student needs based on 3 types of curricula: intended, implemented and attained Intended – specified by state Implemented – what is delivered by the teacher Attained – what is actually learned by students
  5. Evaluation and Monitoring of current leadership
  6. Create discussion on culture awareness and diversity training
  7. Evaluation the effectiveness of the current dual language program


New Caney ISD-Position 1:

Ryan Schurdell

I am running for school board because I know the best school districts have active input from both the parents and the faculty. I believe parents should get to decide what our children are taught in the school systems we, the tax payers, are funding. Without direct input and support from the community, our educational system will fail. As a concerned parent, I want to do everything I can to make sure that both my children and yours are getting the best education possible.

 The biggest issue our school district is facing is rapid growth. As both an accountant and financial analyst, I have had the opportunity to build budgets and eliminate wasteful spending. As taxpayers, we work hard for our money and we want to make sure our money is winding up in the classroom with our children and not lining the pockets of unions and unnecessary administrators. I will ensure we cut wasteful spending and budget money to support the most important members of the faculty, those who have direct contact with our children every day, the teachers.

I want to share my talents and capabilities to build a better school system. I want to represent our community as a concerned parent and citizen. I want to create stronger ties between the parents and the faculty. I spent several years after high school earning a Bachelor’s of Business Administration followed by a Master’s of Business Administration, so I know how important it is to build a strong educational foundation for our children and what it will take to prepare them for their post high school educational paths. I believe with the right pieces in place including an extraordinary faculty, a representative school board and most importantly, actively involved parents, we can make New Caney ISD the best school district in Texas!


Kevin Summerlin

I have lived in the community for approximately 35 years and attended school here from elementary school thru high school.  Upon graduation, I went to college at North Harris (Lone Star) and then transferred to the University of Houston.   I graduated with a BBA with a double major in Marketing and Finance.  I am also a Certified Safety Professional (CSP).I have worked for a fortune 500 company for 25 years and held various positions starting in the warehouse and working my way into a senior management position.  My wife and I have been married for 10 years and have a 5 year old son and a 1 year old daughter.  I believe that my personal, educational and work experience can be an asset to the school board and the community.  I would like to bring a new perspective to the board and help move us forward. 

Three candidates running for Position 1 and I believe each has many positive attributes to offer as a board member.  The voters will need to review each of the candidate’s strengths and decide which one is the right person for this role.  I believe that my personal, educational and work experience bring a new element to the board and can help the district evaluate decisions from a different perspective. Regardless of which candidate wins the election, the community will have someone that is dedicated to helping NCISD succeed.  Ultimately our community will be stronger by working together and supporting each other.


New Caney ISD School Board-Position 2

Creg Mixon:

I hope to serve New Caney ISD’s students, parents and teachers as your next school board member (Position 2) in the 2015-2017 term. This district and its educators helped to shape my life and character and it is my desire to return the favor through public office. My overarching goal is to work with the existing board membership, and with you the citizen, to more responsibly allocate taxpayer dollars My plan for accomplishing this includes two important strategies 1) holding the board membership and district leaders to higher levels of financial transparency and accountability, and 2) by providing our tax payers with greater levels of access to the levers of power through the creation of a public square, wherein dialogue can both follow and influence transparency. I am running for office not out of self-interest, but as a welcomed burden, because there is much work to be done in order to bring about greater levels of democracy in our district. At the heart of my campaign is a desire to honor the educators who helped to nurture me. There is no better way of saying ‘thank you’ to these men and women than by serving those who currently share the joy and responsibility of shaping and influencing the lives of my children and yours.



Splendora ISD School Board-Position 1:

Name – Vicki Thornton

Occupation – Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office – 1998-2006, legal assistant; 284th District Judge Cara Wood – 2010-2011, assistant court coordinator;  Currently I am a substitute teacher/stay at home mom.

Community Involvement – prior Splendora Founder’s Day Society Board Member, prior Project Graduation Board Member, prior FFA Booster Club Board Member, current PTO Board Member

Personal Information – I have been married for 13 years. I have four children (1 son, 21 years old & triplet daughters, 8 years old). 

Objectives for seeking school trustee office – My parents, husband, son, and I are all graduates of Splendora High School. My daughters are current students as well. I am a substitute teacher and volunteer my time on numerous activities at school. I feel like I have a great perspective from various viewpoints to bring to the table.  I have a deep love for children and our district, which I believe will allow me to work well alongside the current board of trustees to ensure our district continues to excel! The children of today are our tomorrow!


Richards ISD, Position 1:

Margaret Bailey  

Education: Richards Graduate and BAT from Sam Houston State University.   Background:    Lifelong resident of Richards, Texas.   33 years of teaching experience   4 Generations at RISD     Memberships Involved In: Shiro Baptist Church, Richards Volunteer Fire Department, Richards ISD PTO, Grimes County Historical Association and Richards Township Association.   I would like to serve on the school board because I would like to keep the school taxes low. I am interested in keeping the school’s wholesome environment for the students. I am a strong supporter of the individual attention the teachers offer our students. The opportunities that a small school can offer are endless. Our school is an example of quality education. We have a caring faculty and staff that strives for the best of each student. I feel that people should vote for me, Margaret Bailey, because I have a genuine interest in our children and community’s success!  


Richards ISD Position 2:

J.D. Curtis

My wife and I have a daughter in the first grade at Richards ISD and want to make sure that she will be able to continue her education there.  Being a resident of Walker County for over 30 years has given me the opportunity to be involved in many great activities.  Growing up, I participated in 4-H, Horse Club, High School Rodeo and I’m a life-time member of the Walker County Fair Association.  I have a passion for the outdoors.  Throughout my life, I’ve enjoyed team-roping, hunting, fishing, and traveling.  After attending Sam Houston State University, I joined the Houston Fire Department.  The fire department has taught me many things, one of which is how to be a team member. 


Don M. Pyburn Jr.

Over 40 years experience in heavy industrial, chemical, petro- chemical, refining, oil & gas, pipeline construction and commercial real estate development.

Corporate management and ownership of varied industry type companies and the successful sell thereof, as well as commercial real estate development.

Tested & licensed in heavy construction in six states during career

Voted Hardin County Business Person of the Year & Nominated for Business Person of the Year for Southeast Texas in 2008. Received Award From Texas State House of Representatives.

I have tried retirement and it is not for me. So I am back in Business and on target to be a major competitor in multiple industry types.

I have served or currently serve on many Boards, Chamber of Commerce, Church Committees, Religious Organizations, Industry Committees, Etc.

If elected to the Richards School Board, I will work diligently with the Board as well as the Superintendent of Schools and the Community to deliver the best education available to our students.


Richards ISD School Board, Position 3

Audra Berry

Audra Berry is a US Air Force veteran with 12 years of service. She graduated Sam Houston State with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Agriculture and is now working on her Master of Education at Texas A&M. She currently works with the Texas A&M Forest Service as an Administrative Coordinator. Audra is married to Sean Berry, a US Navy veteran, who is a local farmer and mechanic. They have been living in RISD for over 5 years and have one son, Paul, with another child due in May. Audra is running for school board because she is concerned about the quality of the education the students of RISD are receiving. She believes that with enhanced educational opportunities, Richards students will have brighter futures.


Richards ISD Position 4:

Dave Short

Dave Short is an experienced finance manager with thirty years of corporate finance and treasury management expertise.   His employment career spans three major companies including Freddie Mac, Fleet Financial Group and Hewlett Packard.  Beyond the core competencies, he has twenty-five years of experience working with multiple school districts, school boards and local schools.  He has served on special committees to evaluate the impact of “year around schooling” and a host of other topics.  He has served in various volunteer positions such as booster club president, treasurer and fund raising positions for The Woodlands High School Wrestling Booster club, Oak Ridge High School JROTC program and volleyball programs.  He is viewed professional and personally as an individual with strong strategy and planning skills, a rigor for fiscal responsibility and a willingness to attempt to do the “right thing” versus on just “doing things right.”  He is married and has four children and three grandchildren.  His wife is a teacher within the Conroe Independent School District.

This position and the school board serve a three county area of students and a host of multiple agendas.  The school district student count is trending downward and as with most businesses (or schools,) decision points always surface that require careful evaluation.  Dave stands neither “for” or “against” any agenda but is committed to understanding the

problems and considering all potential solutions that will accomplish two seemingly simple objectives:  1.  Equipping students at every level to be successful at that level as they progress in their academic career.  2.  Insuring financially sound counsel is provided.  While seemingly simple objectives, they each have tangled components that will require genuine and thoughtful debate.  His goal is to join with the existing board to further the discussion and assist in providing direction.

Dave is a graduate of a private theological school with a graduate degree.  He also attended West Texas A&M University and holds a graduate degree in finance.   He also has credentials relative to counseling certifications.   


Bonnie Stewart

I’m running for this position in hopes of keeping our taxes low while our Children are provided with the qualities of a private school.

 After raising our older Children in a heavily populated 4A School district, we have come to really appreciate the qualities that Richards has to offer.

Our Children have exceeded all expectations in their academics and the Facility and staff have all been an extended Family by truly caring for each of the students and meeting their individual needs.

Currently we have three Children attending Richards, they are 11, 10 and 7. I have been included in  activities during and after school and it is my primary objective to continue to support our home town school.

Some resident’s in our area believe that if our School closes, they will have NO taxes – Not true. If the School  is closed we will ALL have higher taxes that will be payable to the nearest district.  With my 25+ years in the Mortgage Industry and evaluating property appraisals I can assure you that we in Grimes county have the best of both worlds with our Property values increasing and yet maintaining the lowest tax rate.

I’m running for this position due to my concern with the direction in which we are currently headed. I aim to be open minded while fighting to preserve our  “small town with a big heart” which is the center of our community.


Tomball ISD School Board, Position 1:

Kathy Handler


My father was a career pilot in the U.S. Navy, so we moved often. I graduated high school in Corpus Christi, and earned a History degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 1987. I began my career in the media relations department of the Southwest Conference and worked with the Cotton Bowl Athletic Association.

My husband, David, and I have been married 25 years, and relocated with our three children to Tomball in 1998. Our oldest daughter and son graduated from Tomball High School, and our youngest daughter is a junior at Tomball Memorial High School.

We are parishioners of Prince of Peace, where I am a member of a bible study group. At the Church, I have participated in many of the ministries, including the youth ministry cook team. 

Since 2003, David and I have owned Success Handler, LLC, an executive coaching firm that transforms leaders by helping them develop skills to change behaviors that inhibit their success.


Why I am Running Again

I attended public schools and our children have been students in TISD throughout the past 16 years. I believe in public school education. With the hiring in 2013 of new superintendent Huey Kinchen to solidify the foundation created by the previous administration, the district is moving toward excellence. I want to continue to be part of the cohesive team that is guiding TISD to provide all of the district’s children a quality education and the opportunity to reach their potential.

Why People Should Vote For Me

As the mother of three children who have advanced through TISD schools, I have experienced the district in many ways. I met with and communicated with teachers about the academic needs of our children throughout their education. I used the district’s special services for our two children who needed speech therapy. As a volunteer for classrooms, libraries, concession stands, booster clubs, PTOs and other areas, I have worked with and listened closely to parents and children who participate in all levels of classroom and extracurricular activities. My four years as a trustee on the board have helped me better understand the needs of the students in our community and increased my desire to ensure that all of our children be in schools full of learning and opportunities.


Joseph Ferguson

I am currently an instructor in the Education Department at Lone Star College – Montgomery.

Previously I have been an assistant principal, a classroom teacher, a Soldier in the United States Army, a cadet at Texas &M University, and a sacker at Klein’s Supermarket.

Why did you decide to run for a school board position?

While serving as an assistant principal, it was my job to enforce District policy with students and staff. It was not my place to question any of those policies, even if I felt I had a better solution. I always trusted the decisions made by the Trustees and central office adminadministrators,but over the years I began to think that I could make great contributions to making policy instead of just ensuring compliance. I began contemplating a future run for Tomball ISD Board of Trustees while serving as an assistant principal, but could not do so at the time without giving up my employment in the District.

If elected, what would your top priorities be as a member of the TISDschool board?

The highest priority would be to build on the previous academic successes the District has already had thanks to the tireless efforts of our teachers in concert with the involvement and dedication of our parents. Without taking away any of these measures that have contributed to this success, we should implement additional programs that focus on math and science achievement in some of our subpopulation groups such as the economically disadvantaged and special education students. Different students with different situations have different needs and varied learning styles, and addressing this will lead to an even greater amount of student achievement than we currently enjoy. 

What makes you a qualified candidate for TISD school board?

If elected, I will be the only Trustee who has worked as a classroom teacher or campus administrator. I will also be the only Trustee with a master’s degree in education. This is a degree that emphasizes school administration and organization, effective leadership strategies, campus business management, and federal, state, and local school regulations in addition to providing the skills necessary to evaluate programs for overall school improvement, implement research to improve instruction and curricula, and understand how diverse populations and special programs affect a school and its community.


The Woodlands Township

Profiles of the candidates in the Woodlands Township election are courtesy of Community Impact Newspaper, The Woodlands Edition

Woodlands Township Board, Position 2:

Mike Bass

Mike Bass worked for 35 years in international business operations and as a senior partner with Accenture. He retired in 2000. Bass served six years in the U.S. Army Reserve and the Texas National Guard.

He was first elected to The Woodlands Township board of directors in May 2012. Prior to his election, Bass served on the Sterling Ridge Village Association board of directors, the Sterling Ridge Residential Design Review Committee and the Design Standards Committee. He serves on the township ad hoc transportation committee, law enforcement advisory committee and The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce’s mobility and legislative committees. He and his wife, Georgie, have been married for 47 years.

I bring significant business experience to my role on the township board. I have demonstrated my commitment to sustaining the vision of The Woodlands, a vision that has attracted all of us to live, work and play in this great community. I do my homework, reach out to understand the views of others and approach every issue as a problem to be dealt with in an objective manner, and the goal is to seek an effective solution.

What is the best way to fix traffic congestion problems in The Woodlands?

Since the township has no statutory responsibility for our roads, a fix requires collaboration with [Montgomery] County, the Texas Department of Transportation, The Woodlands Road Utility District No. 1 and the Houston- Galveston Area Council. I am one of three directors serving on the township Transportation Committee formed in early 2013. The committee has been instrumental in initiating and sustaining this collaboration.


Ron Mullins

Ron Mullins worked for more than 25 years in the financial and accounting industries, and served more than 20 years in the military. Mullins is a volunteer at Interfaith of The Woodlands and is a community watch coordinator.

I am a resident of the community. I have a vested interest in the collective future of the community. I swore an oath to the Constitution to serve this nation and have not been asked to rescind that oath. On top of that I have over 25 years of business experience in operations, finance and accounting, as well as over 20 years of military leadership experience.

What is the best way to fix traffic congestion problems in The Woodlands?

We currently have no control over the roads in our community; that responsibility belongs with the county. The only option available is to more aggressively engage in dialogue with the counties and surrounding communities. Commissioner [James] Noack has initiated this dialogue, but the township board needs to build on that start.


Woodlands Township Board, Position 3:

Jeff Long

Jeff Long is a retired engineer and public works director who is now in consulting. He was elected to the township board in May 2012 and serves on the ad hoc transportation committee. He is a former president of The Woodlands Community Association, former member of the Grogan’s Mill Residential Design Review Committee and chaired the Design Standards Committee. He has been a Woodlands resident for 13 years.

My service to this community on the old WCA board as a director, and five years as president of that board [are my qualifications]. I was deeply involved in negotiating the transfer from the WCA to what is now the township. I served on the [Development Standards Committee] as chairman. These are experiences relating directly to the community. I have a career in municipal government dating back from the early 1970s until retirement.

What is the best way to fix traffic congestion problems in The Woodlands?

There are multiple fronts we have to address to start fixing some of the problems, and we have already started that process. I am chairman of the Transportation Subcommittee for the township, and we have initiated several projects to start dealing with issues. We put together a collaborative effort between [The Woodlands Road Utility District] and [Montgomery County] and the township, all paying a portion of that to immediately address intersections creating traffic congestion problems. Also, we did initiate a transportation study that is split into two pieces: the transit portion and the South Montgomery County Mobility study. We’ve started as a township to set aside resources to deal directly with problems we feel we can help resolve with the county as well as in some cases with Harris County.


David Cassidy

David Cassidy is a physical therapist for CHI St. Luke’s The Woodlands. Prior to working at St. Luke’s, Cassidy worked as a restaurant manager. He volunteers at Beth Shalom of The Woodlands, and lives in the Village of Cochran’s Crossing with this wife, Jill, and their two daughters. David and Jill are 1987 graduates of McCullough High School.

I have a business degree and was in management for many years, and understand finance, budgets and organizational structure. I served four years on the Houston Heights Association board of trustees, and was involved in efforts to improve education and in a reforestation project. Most importantly, I am a resident of The Woodlands who is concerned about the significant recent growing pains we have experienced and want to bring a focus on quality-of-life issues to the township board.

What is the best way to fix traffic congestion problems in The Woodlands?

Traffic congestion is the No. 1 quality-of-life issue facing The

Woodlands. We need to focus our efforts on all the villages’ concerns and not just the business district. We should oppose extending Kuykendahl Road to FM 1488, creating another pass-through corridor. We need to have town hall meetings to assess residents’ local traffic concerns. I will propose a parking program in the Waterway/Town Center area for The Woodlands’ residents that is convenient and affordable, as well as transportation options from the villages to Town Center prior to any expansion of trolley service or a new Waterway park and ride center. We need to continue to make smart intersection modifications and reconfigurations of signal timing. Improving our congestion problems will take hard work, focus and time, but it must be done.


Ryan Elkins

Ryan Elkins is a customer relations representative for a transportation software company. His community involvement includes serving in the Public Safety Student Awareness Program, underage alcohol stings with Precinct 3 constables, and initiating a community service project for The Woodlands Fire Department. He is a volunteer at Interfaith of the Woodlands.

My active involvement over the years throughout our community has led me to have a true understanding of the needs and wants of my fellow residents. Growing up here, I have the understanding of residents’ frustrations on issues our community currently faces, such as traffic congestion, tree preservation and lack of convenient parking within Town Center. I have the passion to serve my fellow residents and be their voice. “Your voice—Our community” is more than just my campaign slogan, it is the heart of my foundation. I believe as an elected board member my only responsibility is to be your voice for our community, The Woodlands.

What is the best way to fix traffic congestion problems in The Woodlands?

We must prioritize adding lanes to our most congested roadways first. We live in a community where vehicles are the majority of residents’ choice of transportation. By adding more lanes to our roadways, we would better accommodate residents’ ease of commuting and alleviate traffic congestion. However, roadway developments and expansions are not cheap. I would like to look into the possibility of collaborating with neighboring communities for future roadway developments. This could alleviate overall costs to the township, and be beneficial for our neighboring communities.

Woodlands Township Board, Position 4:

Ed Robb

Ed Robb is the founding pastor of The Woodlands United Methodist Church. He was first elected to The Woodlands Township board of directors in 2010, when the township was established. He moved to The Woodlands in 1978.

I am a 36-year resident of The Woodlands and have many years of experience serving in community governance. I have served as a director of the township since its inception, and was elected twice at large. Each term, I have also been elected by fellow township board members to serve as an officer. I served on the Town Center Improvement District from 1999–2010. I was chairman of TCID and working with Sen. Tommy Williams when we successfully brokered a deal with Houston Mayor Bill White to save The Woodlands from annexation by Houston in 2007.

What is the best way to fix traffic congestion problems in The Woodlands?

Though the township does not have direct jurisdiction over

roads, we have served as a catalyst to bring various governmental agencies together to solve the problem. We are also investing money toward south Montgomery County mobility studies and master planning —a process long overdue. Already progress is being made, but longer term solutions will take more time and money.


Walter Boyd

Walter Boyd worked as an attorney for over 50 years practicing mostly criminal trial and appellate law. Boyd is also a minor playwright.

I am not particularly qualified for this position but compared to my opponents, I fare pretty well. I have good sense and good judgment when it comes to managing others’ money and making wise decisions when acting as a trustee for the public good even though I am not so good at managing my own affairs. I have been active in many civic, legal, and political activities over the years. I will not accept any favors—maybe a drink or two—from anyone, so don’t try to buy me off. I take special pleasure in [making people mad]. So please, don’t we need someone like this on this board? I really don’t have too much interest in listening to people’s gripes, but much interest in telling people what is good for them.

What is the best way to fix traffic congestion problems in The Woodlands?

If you people out there are going to continue excessively driving your autos all over the place for no good reason, what do you expect? I don’t like the traffic either but I learn for the most part how to avert the bad times and places on the roads. I have no car now anyway. I am broke. I take the free trolley and will take the boats if they vote to have them free. In fact I will campaign from the trolley.


Sharon Lavery

Sharon Lavery has worked for a Fortune 500 company for the past 23 years. She attended State University of New York at Buffalo, and received her bachelors degree in chemical engineering and a masters degree in mechanical engineering.

As a graduate of the Leadership Montgomery County Class of 2014, I have been exposed to the good and the bad within our county. My experience working on and leading diverse international teams, and driving productivity improvements through the use of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies would allow me to analyze issues within The Woodlands and push for an optimal solution. My past experience on nonprofit boards in New York would help me if I am elected. Serving here in the community on the United Way Women’s Leadership Council, Executive Women’s Alliance and the Junior League of The Woodlands make me a part of the fabric of this community and better help me understand the key issues.

What is the best way to fix traffic congestion problems in The Woodlands?

The best way to fix The Woodlands traffic problem is to conduct a study to determine what and where the congestion problems are, and work with a firm to evaluate options that will resolve the current and potential future issues. Evaluate the options considering such things as cost, timing, payback and then implement the best solution.


Jim Meszaros

Jim Meszaros has worked as a registered representative/financial advisor with Thrivent Financial for the past 14 years. He has served on the township Planning and Zoning Commission.

My qualifications are formed by my background which includes serving our country in the U.S. Air Force with multiple combat tours in Vietnam, leadership roles in communities where I have lived to include: president of Little League baseball, leader of the veterans committee in support of the Social Emergency Welfare Fund at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Houston, president of my church congregation, member of the Township Planning and Zoning Commission, a licensed realtor managing over 1,000 properties for a major insurer in New England, and having nearly 40 years of experience in the financial arena in both real estate and financial services.

What is the best way to fix traffic congestion problems in The Woodlands?

This is a difficult question which may require more than one solution. Making our roads wider may not be part of the solution. I believe we need to work with county officials to address the issue as this is a quality–of–life issue for our community. I support consideration in hiring a professional town planner.


Walker County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4

Cade Reece [DEM]

I was born in Walker County and have lived here most of my life. I am a 5th generation Texan. 

What are my qualifications?  I graduated with honors from New Waverly High School in 1974 and went on to become the first male in my family to complete a college degree.  My bachelor’s degree is in Criminology/Social Rehabilitation from Sam Houston State University.  After eight years of working in the area of human services, I obtained a Master of Arts degree in Sociology/Social Work from Prairie View A&M University.

Employment background. My employment background has been very diverse. The first twelve years of my career was in an institutional setting working with delinquent adolescents.  That experience allowed me to grow as a professional and to acquire leadership skills in the areas of human relations, budgetary management, administrative supervision and a basic knowledge of the juvenile justice system.  Within the first year of my employment, I became the youngest person to reach the level of management.  During the late 1980’s gangs were a major problem among teens in the Gulf Coast area.  I attended training and became a member of the gang task force where I specialized in graffiti reading.  Later, I joined the Operations division of the Houston Independent School District.  After a year in HISD, I was recruited by the superintendent of schools in New Waverly to formulate and direct a program for at-risk students. The achievement gap between African-Americans and Anglo student’s was astounding along with the drop-out rate.  Within two years, through a cooperative effort of all responsible entities we were able to close the gap and become one of the most academically sound districts in this area of Texas.  Coupled with my employment with New Waverly ISD, I am an adjunct professor of Sociology with the Lone star College.  While serving in the capacity as Director of Student Services I was in constant communication with the Justice of the Peace’s office as the district truant officer.  I acquired a working knowledge of the court system and as time passed, aspired to become the next JP.

Goals for the position. It is my opinion that based on my passion for public service, my diversified employment background, coupled with my educational accomplishments, I will be able to successfully fulfill the responsibilities of the justice of the peace. I know the majority of the people of the precinct personally and have worked with many of them in one capacity or another, some of them through civic and religious functions, others through community and educational functions and the rest I have met during the course of this twelve month campaign journey.  Whatever role or capacity I have served in, I have endeavored to perform it with respect, professional and consideration of all concerned. 


Huntsville City Council, At-Large Position 3

Don Johnson

Don, a native Texan, has lived in Huntsville for 15 years.

Much of Don’s career involved structural steel, utilizing his engineering degree from the University of Texas at Austin. In progressive leadership roles at Trinity Industries and Herrick Steel, he saw the skylines of Houston, Dallas and California grow. In 1986 his faith took him in a new direction where he spent five years in executive leadership in the non-profit world. Don now works as a technical and business consultant.

Both Gwynne and Don enjoy life in Huntsville and he looks forward to continuing to serve on Council to enlarge the advantages and quality of life. They are active members of their church and Don serves on the Huntsville Memorial Hospital Board and several other boards both business and charity.

When elected four years ago, I committed to serve with positive and transparent leadership, smart planning for expanded economic opportunities, and enhanced civic cooperation between the major economic drivers: SHSU, Walker County, HISD, HMH Medical Center, TDCJ, City, Chamber of Commerce and business leaders. The exceptional growth and development of Sam Houston State University to nearly twenty thousand students makes SHSU one of our Community’s most valuable assets.

Today we are enjoying Huntsville’s progress and growth over these past several years. New and expanded businesses are providing increased local shopping, dining, entertainment, and employment.  This saves time and money for Huntsville residents, and generates tax revenues for the City.

Industrial firms like Weatherford International have increased their workforces as we seek strategic industrial development. An increased tax base through new business investment and expanded sales tax means that Huntsville property taxes will remain low with added local services and shopping.  This is a win/win situation for all citizens.

My successful business background and experienced leadership has contributed to our Community’s progress. As we continue this positive direction together, Huntsville’s future for us all looks bright.

Growth in services and businesses are the tangible results of civic cooperation and positive leadership.   I’m committed to keep pursuing these core values. 

We want Huntsville to be a place where students and newcomers can make their permanent homes. Expanded jobs and housing opportunities are basic ways to make this growth happen.


Karl Davidson

Reason for running:  As trite as it may sound, I am running to make Huntsville what it should be… a “better” place to work and live.

My qualifications:  I have 35 years of business experience coupled with 25 years as an educator. I have owned and operated 6 businesses in Huntsville, all of which have been successful.  I have served on several board and committees for the city as well as served as Huntsville’s Mayor.

Goals:  To implement a new budgetary process, this will result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings and an increase in efficiency and effectiveness.  Also, my goal is to focus the efforts of all city employees on one major theme… “We Serve.”  Sounds so deceptively simple, but in actuality is unbelievably powerful. Finally, I want to bring new wealth to Huntsville by enticing new taxpaying businesses and industry to move to Huntsville which will provide new and better paying jobs.


New Waverly ISD School Board, Position 2

Greg Buckner

I am currently the VP of Operations for Slott Construction, Inc. in New Waverly.  I am a lifelong resident of the New Waverly area.  I have twelve plus years of management, budgeting and planning experience in the private sector both in my current position as well as in my previous employment.  I also have experience in the public sector previously serving as Assistant Treasurer and Secretary for Walker County Emergency Services District #2. I chose to run for this position with a goal of using my experiences to help make the New Waverly School District successful and beneficial to my children as well as my community.  Our area appears to be in the beginning of significant growth and I want to do my part to assure that our District is prepared.



Today is the Last Day you can vote early for the November 4th Election

The Montgomery County Election’s Office reports that as of Thursday evening, 42,643 people had cast a ballot early for next Tuesday’s election.

The Walker County Election’s Office reports that as of Thursday evening, a total of 4,384 people had voted early for next Tuesday’s election.

To look at a sample ballot for Montgomery County, log onto:


 To look at a sample ballot in Walker County, log onto:


To look at a sample ballot in Harris County, log onto:


To look at a sample ballot in Liberty County, log onto:


To look at a sample ballot in Grimes County, log onto:


Montgomery County Crime Stoppers Featured Felons for the Week of 10/31/2014

All warrants confirmed active as of 10/28/2014




ALFARO, Juan Daniel

Hispanic/Male DOB: 01-14-1994

Height: 6’00” Weight: 140 lbs.

Hair: Black Eyes: Brown


#140707402 Order of Arrest

Evading Arrest with Vehicle

LKA: East Forest Dr, Conroe.




BELL, Jaci Mae

White/Female DOB: 05-09-1995

Height: 5’03’’ Weight: 110 lbs.

Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel


#140504838 Order of Arrest

Possession of Controlled Substance

LKA: FM 2025, Cleveland




BESS, Felicity Kay

White/Female DOB: 11-28-1985

Height: 5’01’’ Weight: 125 lbs.

Hair: Red Eyes: Hazel


#140404603 Bond Forfeiture

Credit/Debit Card Abuse

LKA: Old Montgomery Rd, Willis.




GERMANY, Brittney Morgan

White/Female DOB: 07-10-1988

Height 5’06” Weight: 135 lbs.

Hair: Black Eyes: Hazel


#140808998 Bond Forfeiture

Burglary of Building (X2)

LKA: Twin Circles, Montgomery




JIMINEZ, Arturo Calderon

Hispanic/Male DOB: 12-06-1964

Height: 5’09” Weight: 180 lbs.

Hair: Black Eyes: Brown


#131213427 Bond Forfeiture

Theft from Elderly Individual

LKA: Tickner St, Conroe.





KELLUM, Derrick Ronald

White/Male DOB: 07-11-1980 Height: 5’11” Weight: 227lbs.

Hair: Brown Eyes: Green


#140808415 Order of Arrest

Tampering w/Physical Evidence

LKA: South Red Oak, New Caney.




KILGORE, Richard Charles

White/Male DOB: 07-12-1958

Height: 5’01” Weight: 120 lbs.

Hair: Black Eyes: Blue


#141011393 Capias

Sexual Assault

LKA: FM 1485, New Caney.




MELTON, John Lee

White/Male DOB: 07-11-1989

Height: 5’07” Weight: 155 lbs.

Hair: Black Eyes: Brown


#141011551 Capias Assault FV-Strangulation / Poss Firearm-Felon

LKA: Stevens, New Caney.




OUSLEY, Rick Landon

White/Male DOB: 12-06-1966

Height: 6’00” Weight 180 lbs.

Hair: Red Eyes: Green


#130606442 Order of Arrest


LKA: Leisure Ln, Montgomery.




ROSE, Jerri Lynn

White/Female DOB: 04-09-1981

Height: 5’05” Weight: 280 lbs.

Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown


#071212614 Motion to Revoke

Forgery (X2)

LKA: S. Duck Creek Rd, Cleveland.




If you recognize any of the above suspects, do not attempt to apprehend them. Call Crime Stoppers at:


Montgomery County Grand Jury Indictments for the week of October 26th

October 28th Indictments:

13-000617-l 551764 Moreno, rv, Noe l3-02-0l639I BURGLARY OF HABITATION 07/26/2012 SR TRUE BILLED
13-000618-l 551764 Moreno, IV, Noe 13-02-0l639II THEFT 07/26/2012 SR TRUE BILLED
14-001367-1 507776 Cayetano, Issau 14-04-03681 SEXUAL ASSAULT CHILD 11/30/2011 SR TRUE BILLED
14-001616-1 551575 Sykes, Ladarren T. 14-04-04087 AGG SEXUAL ASSAULT CHILD 03/04/2014 AJ TRUE BILLED
14-001805-l 223080 Harness, Christopher L. 14-04-04590 POSSESSION OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE 04/23/2014 TS TRUE BILLED




511343 Kulesza, David J.











14-002649-1 483775 Blackerby, Billy R. 14-06-06562 AGG ASSAULT W/DEADLY WE. PON 06/16/2014 SR TRUE BILLED
14-002889-1 550802 Rios, Antonio 14-07-072441 EVADING ARREST DETENTION W/VEHICLE 07/01/2014 MC TRUE BILLED
14-002890-1 550802 Rios, Antonio 14-07-0724411 CRIMINAL ATTEMPT 07/01/2014 MC TRUE BILLED



179174 West, Michael R.











14-003169-1 223080 Harness, Christopher L. 14-07-07871 POSSESS WITH INTENT TO DELIVER/Mfl.NUFACTU 04/09/2014 TS TRUE BILLED
14-003395-1 493980 Machicek, Sherri A. 14-07-08361 BURGLJIRY OF HABITATION 07/30/2014 TS TRUE BILLED
14-003407-1 496134 Clark, Jr. , Thomas F. 14-08-08417 AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ASSAULT 07/31/2014 TS TRUE BILLED
14-003440-1 504243 Alfaro, Samuel A. 14-08-085071 AGG ASSAULT W/DEADLY WEAPON 08/02/2014 TS TRUE BILLED
14-003441-l 504243 Alfaro, Samuel A. 14-08-08507II POSSESSION OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE 08/02/2014 TS TRUE BILLED
14-003442-1 504243 Alfaro, Samuel A. 14-08-08507III VIOLATION OF PROTECTIVE ORDER 08/02/2014 TS TRUE BILLED
14-003444-1 307558 Martin, Bobby G. 14-08-08496I DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED – 3RD OR MORE 08/02/2014 TS TRUE BILLED
14-003445-1 307558 Martin, Bobby G. 14-08-08496II RETALIATION 08/02/2014 TS TRUE BILLED
14-003451-1 267899 Valencia, Rogelio 14-08-08495I POSSESS WITH INTENT TO DELIVER/MANUFACTU 08/03/2014 DF TRUE BILLED
14-003452-1 267899 Valencia, Rogelio 14-08-08495 ! MONEY LAUNDERING 08/03/2014 DF TRUE BILLED
14-003455-1 212982 Graves, Dale 14-08-08498I POSSESSION OF PROHIBITED WEAPONS 08/03/2014 DF TRUE BILLED
14-003456-1 212982 Graves, Dale 14-08-08498II POSSESSION OF PROHIBITED WEAPONS 08/03/2014 DF TRUE BILLED
14-003457-1 212982 Graves, Dale 14-08-08498III POSSESSION OF PROHIBITED WEAPONS 08/03/2014 DF TRUE BILLED
14-003458-1 212982 Graves, Dale 14-08-08498IV FOSSESSION OF.PROHIBITED WEAPONS 08/03/2014 DF TRlJE BILLED
14-003459-1 212982 Graves, Dale 14-08-08498V POSSESSION OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE 08/3/2014 DF TRUE BILLED
14-003579-1 520546 Abbs, Christopher D. 14-08-08758 POSSESS WITH INTENT TO DELIVER/MA.NUFACTU 08/08/2014 SR TRUE BILLED
14-003580-1 551631 Gentry, Albert L. 14-08-08759 POSSESS WITH INTENT TO DELIVER/MANUFACTU 08/08/2014 SR TRUE BILLED
14-003581-1 372935 Reed, Elaine M. 14-08-08760 POSSESS WITH INTENT TO DELIVER/MANUFACTU 08/08/2014 SR TRUE BILLED



14-003777-1 551954 Moore, Kenya c. 14-08-09232I POSSESSION OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE 08/21/2014 AM TRUE BILLED
14-003778-1 551954 Moore, Kenya C. 14-08-09232II EVADING ARREST DETENTION W/VEHICLE 08/21/2014 AM TRUE BILLED
14-003779-1 551954 Moore, Kenya C. 14-08-09232III TAMPERING WITH PHYSICAL EVIDENCE 08/21/2014 AM TRUE BILLED

179174 west, Michael R. THEFT                                     08/23/2014    MC



October 30th




546044 Baskin, Aaron W.











528399 Falls, Gaines M. 14-01-00690 POSSESSION OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE 01/17/2014 AM TRUE BILLED
14-001368-1 552856 Bryan, Jacob R. 14-08-08444 CREDIT/DEBIT CARD ABUSE 12/24/2013 AM TRUE BILLED